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Growatt SPH4000-10000TL3BH-UP Three Phase Hybrid Inverter

MPPT voltage range
MPPT efficiency
Protection degree
Product Description

Datasheet SPH4000TL3 BH-UP SPH5000TL3 BH-UP SPH6000TL3 BH-UP SPH7000TL3 BH-UP SPH8000TL3 BH-UP SPH10000TL3 BH-UP
Input Data(DC)
Max PV Power 6000W 7500W 9000W 10500W 12000W 15000W
Max DC Voltage 1000V
Start Voltage 120V
Nominal Voltage 600V
MPP voltage range 120V-1000V
No. of MPP trackers 2
No. of PV strings per MPP tracker 1
Max. input current per MPP tracker 13.5A
Max. short-circuit current per MPP tracker 16.9A
Output Data(AC)
AC nominal Power 4000W 5000W 6000W 7000W 8000W 10000W
Max. AC apparent power 4000VA 5000VA 6000VA 7000VA 8000VA 10000VA
Nominal AC voltage (range) 230V/400V (310-476V)
AC grid frequency (range) 50Hz/60Hz (45Hz-55Hz/55Hz-65Hz)
Max output current 6.1A 7.6A 9.1A 10.6A 12.1A 15.2A
Adjustable power factor 0.8leading…0.8lagging
THDi <3%
AC grid connection type 3W+N+PE
Battery Data(DC)
Battery voltage range 100~550V
Max charging and discharging current 25A
Continuous charging and discharging power 4000W 5000W 6000W 7000W 8000W 10000W
Type of battery Lithium battery
Backup power(AC)
Max. AC output power 4000W 5000W 6000W 7000W 8000W 10000W
Max. AC apparent power 4000VA 5000VA 6000VA 7000VA 8000VA 10000VA
Max. output current 6.1A 7.6A 9.1A 10.6A 12.1A 15.2A
Nominal AC output voltage 230V/400V
Nominal AC output frequency 50/60HZ
THDv <3%
Switch time <10ms
Max efficiency 97.6% 97.8% 98.0% 98.2% 98.2% 98.2%
European efficiency 97.0% 97.2% 97.3% 97.4% 97.4% 97.5%
Protection Devices
DC switch Yes
DC reverse polarity protection Yes
AC/DC Surge Protection Type II
Battery Reverse Protection Yes
AC short-circuit Protection Yes
Ground fault monitoring Yes
Grid monitoring Yes
Anti-islanding protection Yes
Residual-current monitoring unit Yes
Insulation resistance monitoring Yes
General Data
Dimension 505/453/198mm
Weight 30kg
Operating temperature range –25 °C … +60 °C
Nighttime power consumption <13W
Topology Transformerless
Cooling Natural
Protection degree IP65
Relative humidity 0~100%
Altitude 3000m
DC connection H4 / MC4 (Optional )
AC connection Connector
Display LCD+LED
Interfaces: RS485/CAN/USB Yes/Yes/Yes
Monitor : RF/WIFI/GPRS Optional/Optional/Optional
Warranty: 5 years / 10 years Yes/optional


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