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Zhengzhou,China Zhengzhou Century Lianhua Supermarket zero line current filter

80A | JU 2023 | shopping mall


Zhengzhou Ou Kailong Home Furnishing East District Flagship Store is located at the intersection of Shangdu Road and Nongong Road in the core home furnishing business district of Zhengzhou. It is a creative and trendy living place and lifestyle experience center integrating home furnishing, art, life, leisure and shopping. There are a large number of LED lights in shopping malls, and the excessive 3rd harmonic causes a very high neutral current problem. If the cable temperature is too high for a long time, there will be certain risks and safety hazards. At the same time, the high neutral line current increases potential risks (such as electrical fires, abnormal tripping of switches).

Before and after the equipment was running, the neutral current dropped by more than 90%, the cable temperature dropped significantly, and there was no more tripping due to large neutral current. The effect was obvious and the fire hazard caused by excessive neutral current was eliminated. Fully achieve the design effect.

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