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Voltage Sag Device

Rated Capacity

0.75kW-500kW(Larger capacity can be customized according to demand)

Rated voltage



Product Description

Voltage sag is an inevitable sporadic transient event in the operation of the power grid, which is mainly caused by short-circuit faults in the power system, large-capacity equipment startup, lightning strikes and other events.

For the control and avoidance of voltage sags, electrical technicians have proposed various solutions (reasonable level difference matching of protection settings, release of voltage loss signal, application of anti-sway protection devices, re-closing of relays, etc.), and received good results. effect, but in the application of frequency converters, there is no good solution yet.

Due to the superior speed regulation performance of the frequency converter, it has been widely used by enterprises with a high degree of industrial automation. Inverter devices have relatively high requirements on power supply quality, and the protection setting procedures are closely coordinated. Once a voltage sag occurs, the inverter protection shutdown is often caused, which has a negative impact on continuous production devices.

ategory Performance Technical Parameters
Supporting frequency converter

Main Electrical Parameters

Rated Capacity 0.75kW-500kW(Larger capacity can be customized according to demand)
Rated voltage AC220V、AC380V、AC660V
Rated DC voltage 100-1000VDC
farewell three phase, single phase
voltage sag

Governance effect

Voltage compensation range 0-100%
single compensation time 5S(Can be customized according to actual needs)
Standby efficiency ≥99.5%
complete response time ≤0.2ms
service life More than 1000 times
other Protective function The device has protection functions such as overcharge, overdischarge, discharge overcurrent, charge overcurrent, and short circuit.
Installation and commissioning Simple installation, no debugging
use environment Operating ambient temperature -25℃-+55℃
Relative humidity 5%-95%


On-site installation

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