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30 KVA Single Phase Voltage Regulator

Rated capacity(KVA)
30KVA (Single-phase)
Special capacity can be customized
Rated operating frequency
Rated voltage

380V(line voltage)220V(single phase)



Product Description

In the low-voltage power distribution system, the voltage on the user side is too low due to the long power supply line in some station areas. In order to solve the above problems, our company has developed and designed a low-voltage automatic voltage regulator. The low-voltage automatic voltage regulator is mainly composed of a main control module, a voltage regulation module, and a monitoring module. The device can monitor the incoming line voltage in real time. When the incoming line voltage exceeds the normal range, the device will automatically adjust the voltage with load through its own voltage regulating module to keep the output voltage within the acceptable range. The device has the characteristics of small size, low power consumption, automatic adjustment of power supply line voltage, convenient installation and maintenance, and high reliability.

Rated capacity/kVA
30 (single phase)
Adjust gear
5 gears
AC input
AC input Rated voltage
380V (line voltage)、220V (single phase)
Voltage regulation range
305V~420V、176V~242V(conventional voltage regulation range)
Special voltage regulation range can be customized
AC Output
Rated voltage
380V(line voltage)、220V(single phase)
Voltage regulation accuracy
Output waveform
The output waveform has no distortion and no harmonic increment
Adjustment method
Three-phase separate adjustment, output voltage unbalance is less than 2%.
Real-time monitoring of load current, after 3 minutes of continuous overload, switch to bypass output
Short circuit
When a short circuit fault occurs, the molded case circuit breaker cuts off the output instantaneously
Equipment failure
When the voltage regulator itself fails, it will automatically switch to the bypass output
Undervoltage hold
When the input voltage is lower than 176V, the voltage regulator continues to maintain the boost output
LED display
Working status
Stabilized voltage status/mains status/fault status
Instantaneous overload capacity
Noise (1m away from the machine) <45dB at 1m
<45dB at 1m
Cooling method
Relative humidity
35%~95% (non-condensing state)
On-site installation

Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?

We are a professional manufacturer in China.

How is the quality?

Quality is priority. We pay much attention to the quality check. Every product will be fully assembled and carefully tested before it's packed for shipment.

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Yes, we can accept OEM/ODM, you could change the logo and function as you want. 

What kind of packaging options do you offer? 

We use standard export package, but we also customize packaging for our OEM customers.

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We accept T/T,Credit Card and Western Union.

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