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How to Protect Solar System Equipment


The fundamental difference between solar that runs all the time and solar that requires ongoing maintenance is the presence or absence of a solar protection system. By installing a protection system, solar equipment will be able to work longer. There are several solar protection technologies on the market, one of which you can install to keep your solar power system safe.

Solar Protection: Monitoring Hardware

Solar panels are on your roof, and you're not likely to be on that roof very often. You can't tell there is a problem with the unit unless you notice a significant drop in solar output. And manual monitoring of hardware will bring you a heavy workload. So you need an easy way to monitor your roof.

Solar Protection: Electrical Test Hardware Options

 Passive monitoring is the first line of defense in solar protection. But, beyond that, you have some other work to do. What if your system detects interference? You need a way to test your solar panels and equipment for damage. Depending on your own skill level, you also have the option of doing solar panel repairs yourself.

A solar technology that could change everything

Solar protection is a major concern in solar usage because solar equipment is very expensive. This could change if a new generation of technology emerges. According to the BBC, "The fastest-growing solar technology is called perovskites...these films...can be made from solutions and are cheap - so they could easily be applied as coatings to buildings, cars, Even on clothing...perovskite is more effective than silicon at lower light intensities (cloudy or indoors)..." Until this technology is commercialized, take reasonable steps to boost your solar protectio systems.

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