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What are the advantages of Ruitong Electric’s low-voltage series core reactors?


product design

Product design uses professional design software, with small errors and high precision.

Outgoing terminal

The coil outlet terminals and wire connection parts adopt cold pressing + welding dual processes to ensure long-term stable operation of the product.

Core material

100% using new material of cold-rolled silicon steel sheets (Wuhan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.)

High linearity

The inductance value is not less than 95% of the rated value at 1.8 times the current, ensuring that the product operates stably in any system without causing magnetic saturation.

H class temperature resistant material

The reactor wires are made of H-class (180 degree) materials to ensure that the reactor has good temperature resistance.

low noise   

The noise of the reactor shall not exceed 55 decibels.

low temperature rise

The designed temperature rise of the reactor is less than 60K, ensuring long-term reliable operation of the product.

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