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What are the classifications of solar inverter?


If you want to know how to choose solar inverter, you must know the classification of solar inverter. There are three kinds of solar inverters in the market: off grid inverter, on grid inverter and hybrid inverter.

1.Off grid inverter

Its function is convert the DC power of the energy storage battery into AC power. These inverters are used to provide power for some residential and commercial projects. The low wattage inverter is mainly used to power the electrical appliances of each household.

2.On grid inverter

Its function is convert DC power into AC power, and it has the ability to connect with the grid. This inverter is designed to transfer your unused power to the grid without batteries.

3.Hybrid inverter

The function of this product is also convert DC power into AC power. The difference is that it can be used in both grid connected photovoltaic systems and off grid photovoltaic systems.

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