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Why control low voltage?


In the current social development process, electricity consumption continues to increase, which puts forward higher requirements for power supply quality. Voltage is a very important indicator in the process of measuring power supply quality. The quality of power supply is an important issue closely related to people's livelihood. It is also directly related to the safety of the power system and has a great influence on the service life of electrical equipment. Influence. Low voltage problems exist in many areas of our country, especially for rural power users. Low voltage problems are more common. Therefore, low voltage needs to be effectively managed to ensure the improvement of power supply quality.

At present, there are more and more power users in our country, and the demand for electricity is also growing. However, the long-term existence of low voltage problems has had a greater impact on the production and daily use of electricity by power users. In order to effectively solve the low-voltage problem, it is necessary to combine it with the intelligent achievements of the Taiwan District, further strengthen management innovation, make full use of the achievements of the intelligent Taiwan District, carefully find the causes and eliminate hidden dangers, and ensure low-voltage management in the Taiwan District The effect can be optimized.

How to classify and judge low voltage?

Low voltage mainly includes long-term and seasonal low voltage. Long-term low voltage refers to user low voltage that lasts for three months or daily load peak low voltage that lasts for more than six months; seasonal low voltage refers to periods such as summer and winter, spring and autumn harvest, festivals, and increased industrial and agricultural loads during the same period. Low voltage appears.

What are the dangers of low voltage?

Low voltage not only risks burning the motor, but also causes damage to household appliances, increases line losses in the Taiwan area, and reduces the stability of the power system.

  1. If the voltage is too low, less than 80% of the system voltage (176V), some electrical appliances will not be able to start or operate normally, causing serious self-heating and reducing their service life.
  2. If the voltage is too low by more than 10%, the motor current will increase and the winding temperature will rise. In severe cases, the mechanical equipment will stop running or be unable to start, or even burn the motor.
  3. If the voltage drops by 5%, the brightness of ordinary electric lamps will drop by 18%; if the voltage drops by 10%, the brightness will drop by 35%; if the voltage drops by 20%, the fluorescent lamp will not start.
  4. As the voltage decreases, the transmission limit capacity of the line is correspondingly reduced, thus reducing the stability. If the voltage is too low, a voltage collapse accident may occur.
  5. When transmitting a certain amount of electrical energy, the voltage decreases and the current increases accordingly, causing increased line loss.
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