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Why LED devices generate zero-line current and its solution strategy


In modern lighting technology, LED lamps are favored by people for their energy saving, long life, and environmental protection. However, in practical applications, LED devices may have zero-line current problems, which not only affect the normal operation of the equipment, but also may interfere with the power grid. This article will explore in depth the reasons why LED devices generate zero-line current and propose effective solutions.

Reasons for the generation of zero-line current

  • Load asymmetry: LED drivers usually use switching power supplies, and their internal circuit design may cause asymmetric current waveforms, that is, the positive and negative half-cycle currents are not equal, thereby generating zero-line current.
  • Harmonic current: When the switching power supply is working, it will generate high-order harmonic currents. These harmonic currents are superimposed on the zero line, which may also cause excessive zero-line current.
  • Circuit design defects: If the circuit design of the LED device is unreasonable, such as the lack of necessary filtering or compensation components, it will also aggravate the zero-line current problem.

Impact of zero-line current

  • Grid interference: Excessive zero-line current will interfere with the grid and reduce the stability and efficiency of the power system.
  • Safety hazards: Long-term neutral current may cause the neutral line to overheat, increasing the risk of fire.
  • Equipment damage: Continuous neutral current may accelerate equipment aging and shorten service life.

Neutral current solution

  • Optimize circuit design: By improving the circuit design of the LED driver, such as adding a power factor correction (PFC) circuit, the neutral current can be effectively reduced.
  • Use filters: Adding appropriate filters to LED devices can suppress harmonic currents and reduce the generation of neutral current.
  • Reasonable layout and wiring: Ensure that the line layout is reasonable to avoid additional neutral current due to excessive line length or improper layout.
  • Regular maintenance inspection: Regularly perform maintenance inspections on LED equipment to promptly discover and solve potential circuit problems and prevent the occurrence of neutral current problems.


The neutral current problem in LED equipment is complex and multifaceted, and it needs to be comprehensively considered from multiple aspects such as circuit design, material selection, and daily maintenance, and effective measures should be taken to solve it. Through the application of the above methods, not only can the operating efficiency of LED equipment be improved, but also the safety of the power grid can be protected, the life of the equipment can be extended, and a safer and more stable lighting environment can be created for users.

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