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180A Passive Tuned Neutral Harmonic Filter

Rated voltage
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Product Description

In the low-voltage power distribution system of three-phase four-wire system, with the large-scale application of power electronic devices such as LED lighting, switching power supply, uninterruptible power supply, etc., the current on the neutral line in the power distribution system is getting larger and larger. When the neutral line current is greater than the phase current, it is easy to cause the neutral line to be overloaded, the temperature rises, or even burns, and there is a major safety hazard.
After long-term analysis and research on the problem of excessive neutral current, Reton Power has developed the RT-NLF series neutral current filter device.

Rated voltage 400V rated current 180A
frequency 50Hz Wiring serial zero line
Cabinet size 64*43*174 Function Equipped with residual neutral
current monitoring system and
bypass switch
Governance effect Neutral current filtering rate
reaches more than 80%
Class F
waterproof level IP30 way of opening the door open the door
Cooling method air cooled Incoming line down line
installation method Floor type installation location indoor
On-site installation

How is the quality?

Quality is priority. We pay much attention to the quality check. Every product will be fully assembled and carefully tested before it's packed for shipment.

Where is the factory of Reton Power?

Zhengzhou City,Henan Province, China

What can I get to be Retonpower agent?

*More technical training, support and more free spare parts.
*Special price support for Retonpower agent.
*Advertising & publicity expenses share for Retonpower brand.
*Annual bonus, based on your annual sales amount.
*Fast good delivery as we have regular products in stock.

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Hybrid inverter, off grid solar inverter, solar panel,lithium iron battery ,storage solar system and electrical equipment.

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