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50kvar SVG Anti-Harmonic Reactive Compensation Static Var Generator

Rated capacity
50 kvar
Rated operating frequency
Reactive power
compensation rate
≥ 95%
Protection degree
Product Description

SVG An Harmonic Reacve Compensa on Stac VarGenerator is a single-module large-capacity reacve powercompensa on device designed by Ruitong Electric based on on-site load characteriscs and design for rapid, connuouscapacive/inducve posive and negave adjustment. It is widely used in various industrial power distribuon sites such as  equipment manufacturing, petrochemical, metallurgy, texle, building materials, light industry, etc., as well as various civil construc on industry power distribu on sites such as hospitals, theaters/film, commercial complexes,etc., to supplement There is no merit for crime, and thesuccess rate factor is increased

Rated capacity 35 kvar 50 kvar 75kvar 100 kvar 150kvar
Rated voltage (V) AC380V±15%/660V+15%
Type 3 phase 3 wire/3 phase 4wire
Rated operating frequency 50Hz±5%
Protection function Overload protection,hardware over-current protection,over-voltage protection, power grid voltage imbalance protection,power failure protection,over-temperature protection,frequency anomaly protection, short circuit protection,etc
Feature selection Deal with reactive power
Deal with harmonics and reactive power
communication Modbus RTU, RS232
UI  touch screen
Switching frequency 20kHz
Reactive power
compensation rate
Parallel capability yes
Protection degree IP30
Response time <5ms
Noise    ≤65dB
Cooling Forced air cooling
Installation method Wall hanging, cabinet
Ambient temperature  -5℃~40℃
Humidity <90%,the average temperature is below 20℃ without condensation on the surface.
<50%,the average temperature is 40℃.
Altitude Below 1000 meters
Size 800*1000*2200(mm)
On-site installation

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