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High Voltage Capacitor

  • Ambient temperature:-40℃~+45℃
  • Altitude:≤1000 meter
  • Size 100*300*440mm
  • Inverter Efficiency 90%-93%
Product Description

This high voltage shunt capacitor is applied to 50Hz A.C. power system to improve the power factor and reduce line loss of the power grid, and improve the voltage quality to ensure the efficiency of the power generation and supply equipment.

Technical characteristic

The capacitor is composed of an enclosure and a core. The enclosure is welded and sealed of thin steel plate. The enclosure cover is welded with an outgoing porcelain bushing. Both sides of the enclosure wall are welded with hangers for installation, and one side of the hangers is fitted with grounding bolts.

The capacitor core is composed of several elements and insulating parts. The elements are winded either by full film medium or by composite medium made of two layers of aluminum-foil sandwiching film paper. The elements in the core are connected in such a series-parallel manner as to meet the requirements of different voltages and capacities.

Every element inside the internal fuse capacitor is series connected with a fuse. Any elements break down, to which other element connected in parallel with will discharge, and its fuse will quickly blow in mini-second to switch off the faulty element to ensure the that the capacitor continues to operate.

Three-phase capacitors of 6kV and 12kV are star-connected inside, and each phase has a discharge resistance.


Ambient temperature:-40℃~+45℃,Ambient temperature for Type BFF shunt capacitor: -25℃~+45℃,Ambient temperature for other type capacitor: 40℃~+45℃。

Altitude:≤1000 meter

For capacitors installed in places more than 1000 meter above sea level, please specify the altitude when placing an order.

Medium among capacitor poles shall withstand one of the following test voltages with 10-second duration.

a.power frequency A.C. voltage :Ut=(~)=2.15Un

b.D.C. voltage:Ut=(—)=4.3Un

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