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High-voltage Series Reactor

  • Ambient temperature:-40℃~+45℃
  • Altitude:≤1000 meter
  • Size 100*300*440mm
  • Inverter Efficiency 90%-93%
Product Description

The series of high-voltage iron-core dry-type series reactors are used in power systems varying from 6kV and 35kV. This series of reactors is connected in series with high-voltage capacitor banks to effectively suppress, absorb higher order harmonics, limit closing inrush current and operation overvoltage so as to protect capacitors, improve power quality, and ensure safe operation of the power grid.

Structural Features

1. Both three-phase and single-phase reactors are iron-core dry type.

2.The iron core is made of high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, which is punched and sheared by a high-speed punching machine. It has  the advantages of small burrs, uniform, neat and beautiful laminations so as to ensure low temperature-rise and low noise while reactor under service.

3.The coil is made of high-quality insulating wire, which is wound by a special machine, and has the advantages of good flatness and beautiful appearance;

4.During the assembly process of the reactor, all clamps are performed with anti-corrosion treatment. Key clamps are made of non-magnetic materials, and advanced technology and strict craftsmanship enables the reactor coil and iron core firmly integrated so as to greatly reduce the temperature rise and noise during operation, effectively improve the quality factor of the reactor and reduce harmonic waves;

5.The outline dimension of the reactor are designed with reference to the standard cabinet. Compact configuration and convenient in wiring greatly saves the cabinet cost.


1. Voltage ratings: 6kV、10kV、10.5kV、11kV、12kV、13.8kV,35kV

2.Reactor ratio classes: 1%、4.5%、5.6%,6%,7%,12%,13.8%,14%

3.Insulation level: Class F

Noise level≤30dB,

Over Current: ≤1.5 times of rated current; the unbalance degree is not more than ±2%;the inductance deviation shall be controlled with ±3%

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