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Thyristor-fast-switched Switch

  • Ambient temperature:-40℃~+45℃
  • Altitude:≤1000 meter
  • Size 100*300*440mm
  • Inverter Efficiency 90%-93%
Product Description

The thyristor-fast-switched switch is an intelligent electronic switch without mechanical contacts. It is composed of anti-parallel thyristor modules, triggering integrated circuits, high-power radiators and fans.

The key triggering component adopts high-performance, high-reliability military-grade thyristor triggering integrated circuits. The output triggering pulse has high symmetry and stability. Compared with the traditional trigger circuit, it has the characteristics of stable and reliable zero-cross triggering, strong anti-interference ability and high trigger power .

Matching with the reactive power compensation controller, the thyristor-fast-switched switch can quickly track the load change of reactive current, realize dynamic reactive power compensation, and reduce voltage fluctuation to  improve power factor so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction. The thyristor-fast-switched switch are widely used in

automobile manufacturing workshops, petroleum refining equipment, metal smelting, coal chemical industry, ports, large supermarkets and the power distribution of office building.


Ambient conditions

  • Ambient temperature:-20~+50 ℃;
  • Storage temperature:-25~+70 ℃;
  • relative humidity:≤85%;
  • Pressure:80kPa~110kPa;

The thyristor-fast-switched switch shall be installed in places free of corrosive and explosive substance, or places without severe steam/vapour or serious moulds

The thyristor-fast-switched switch shall be installed in such places as weather-proof, dust-proof and sand-proof.

Technical parameters:

Rated Voltage:AC 400V 660V 690V 1140V

Service voltage:AC220V

Control capacity:25KVAR 50KVAR 75KVAR 150KVAR

Control signal:DC9-12V

Compensation types:three-phase compensation

single-phase compensation

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