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Which inverter is suitable for you?


A solar inverter is a power electronic device or circuit that converts direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). Some people get confused when they choosing a solar inverter, they don't know which power inverter is suitable for them, off grid, on grid or hybrid inverter?

Off grid inverter:

Off grid solar inverter means the inverter can convert DC to AC, it can use the energy from the grid and battery to power the electrical load. For off grid solar systems, batteries are mandatory.

On grid inverter:

On grid inverter are used in on grid solar system, in this solar system, it cannot be connected to electrical loads, and all DC power generated by photovoltaic power generation will be converted to AC by on grid inverters and sent directly to the grid. For the on grid solar systems, no batteries are required.

Hybrid inverter:

For hybrid inverters, there are usually two different meanings, one is an off grid inverter with a built-in solar charge controller, and the other is an on/off grid inverter in one inverter.

Off grid inverter with solar charge controller means solar inverter has PWM or MPPT solar charge controller inside, the users can connect photovoltaic input in solar inverter and check photovoltaic on solar inverter display status for easy system connection and inspection.

On/off grid in one inverter means the solar inverter can be used on both off grid type and on grid type.

However, off grid solar inverters must be equipped with batteries. Solar DC power can be converted to AC power with a solar charge controller and the off grid inverter to directly power the load. At the same time, DC solar energy can also store electricity through batteries. When the solar energy is not available, the battery can continue to provide uninterrupted power to the load, and the electronic equipment can still operate normally. In addition, this hybrid inverter can also combine the functions of off grid and on grid inverters.

The above is the difference between off grid, on grid and hybrid inverter.

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