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Four common Misconceptions About Solar Panels


There are many misunderstandings about solar panels. Let retonpower explain four common misunderstandings about solar panels.

1. Whether the solar panel can work normally in cold weather.

Solar panels can work well in cold weather because the modules get their energy from the light rather than the heat. Conversely, solar panels work better in cold weather because the panel gets hotter will cause it to absorb less energy from the sun, and the cold air can keep the panel from getting hotter.

2. Whether solar panels can damage roof

As long as the installer follows the manufacturer's instructions, it won't damage the roof.

3. Whether solar panels require constant maintenance

Solar panels are designed to be resistant, so properly installed solar panels don't require maintenance. However, it is recommended that you have an annual inspection.

4. Whether the solar panel last for a long time

In fact these solar panels can withstand harsh weather conditions and last for decades.

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