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How to determine the best installation place of inverter


Where is the best place to install the inverter?Whether to place the inverter indoors or outdoors depends on the type of your inverter. For example,On grid inverter may be more suitable for outdoor use, of course it can also be installed indoors. The off grid inverter is not waterproof and are best installed indoors.

Following are a few factors that can help you decide before installing the inverter:

1、 Environmental factors

Too much sunlight will cause the inverter to overheat and reduce the efficiency of the inverter. In addition, moisture and water vapor will corrode the inverter and shorten its service life. Therefore, we recommend that you install the inverter in a cool and ventilated place.

2、 Security

When considering where to install the inverter, please ensure that the space is fully protected from human interference. Opening or operating the inverter by unauthorized personnel may damage the inverter system and invalidate the warranty. In addition,Remember to install at a height that children cannot reach.

3、 Maintenance

Install the solar inverter in an area where you or maintenance professional can easily reach for inspection and diagnosis. Sometimes Inverters require maintenance to ensure working properly, clean and free of dust. Therefore, please ensure that the inverter is easily accessible for maintenance or emergency situations.

Taking the above factors into consideration, we think you should be able to find the best location for installing the inverter. Any other needs or questions, please feel free to contact retonpower.

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